DeBacker Room 103

Your math life line!

Way to go Wyatt Detrick  in the top 20 in the US for week one!!

ATTENTION: Late work will no longer be accepted. This will go into effect March 21st.


Register for the tournaments at DUtheMath

Round two starts Sunday!!

If you are under the age of 13 and you are in the DUtheMath tournaments, then your parents will have to complete the parent consent form and FAX it to DimensionU.

Get ready to get your game on!!

Do you know your username and password??

Look in your assignment book!

I ART Health vote for your favorite poster!! Voting ends soon! Go MGMS


YouTube Videos: 

DUtheMath week 2 grand prize youtube

DUtheMath tournament youtube


DeBacker Room 103
Find out what your homework is!
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