DeBacker Room 103

 MGMS DimensionU Club

in other words-- DIMU G38


Attention-- Meeting days are Mondays from 3:10 till 4:15

Sign up for the Tournaments

Link to sign up: DUthemath

Be sure to check your email to verify!

Tournaments start April 2nd


New DimensionU Website

Parents: DimensionU Educational Allowance youtube video





Survivor, Eye of the Tiger

CashCash, Reach for the Stars

Bob Seger, Old Time Rock & Roll

Whitney Houston,National Anthem

Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You


 Math Help

Perfect Squares and Multiples


 Huntsville City Schools Internet Procedures (Directy from the HCS Student Handbook)

HCS Internet Procedures.pdf HCS Internet Procedures.pdf
Size : 195.094 Kb
Type : pdf



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